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Birthday Party Professional DJ & Emcee Jack Barros and pro quality sound equipment to provide up to 5 hours of music for a birthday party.
Perfect Wedding Ceremony The Perfect Wedding Ceremony Package utilizes a pro dj and a sound system optimized to your wedding venue. Professionally designed to provide you with the right level of sound for your guests to hear every word. Even the whispered 'I Do' Time included up to 2 hours Combine this powerful sound system with the skills of a professional wedding DJ and Emcee, DJ Jacky B. A 30-year veteran wedding DJ that provides you the musical atmosphere that youíve created together. A wedding assistant aides you in preparing for and performing the ceremony.
Perfect Wedding Ceremony & Reception Package SAVE $300! And get Complete coverage of your wedding day. Includes the Perfect Wedding Ceremony Sound Package and the Perfect Wedding Reception Entertainment packages Great for up to 350 people
Perfect Wedding Reception Entertainment Package The Perfect Wedding Reception Entertainment Package Upbeat, fun dance party wedding receptions a specialty! Great fun, great music and a class act are the results of the skills of a professional wedding DJ and Emcee, DJ Jacky B. A 30-year veteran wedding DJ that can get an audienceís attention properly when itís time to perform a formality and the experience to ensure that everyone is present for the formality before announcing it. Combined with a sound system optimized to your wedding venue. Professionally designed to provide you with the right level of sound for your guests to hear your announcements and talk, while also allowing your dancers to hear and feel the music. Sound system designed for up to 350 guests.
Reception: Perfect Memories Package SAVE $200 and You'll get great memories when you combine your Perfect Wedding Reception Entertainment package with our open air or other Photo Booth! Props provided! You get a copy of every picture taken. Everything is online for you to share.
Reception: Ultimate Wedding Reception Combines the best we have to offer! Perfect Wedding Ceremony Sound Perfect Wedding Reception Sound Open Air Photo Booth Premium Lightshow Up lighting Elegance up to 8 hours of Wedding DJ Entertainment
Traditional Wedding Reception Everything you need for your wedding entertainment of up to 150 guests. Music and emceeing provided by a 30 year veteran wedding DJ that does it, because he still loves doing it!! Includes standard sound setup OUT OF SEASON BONUS! 1 FREE HOUR! Book the Traditional Wedding Reception between November 1 and April 30 and you get an extra hour of playing time for your reception!
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Lavalier Microphone Lavalier microphones are worn on the lapel by the user.
Photo Booth Photo Booth 1 - Open Air Delivery, setup and removal of booth Four hours of operating time Personalized logo on strips On-site technician to operate booth and to assist guests Double prints, one for guest and one for album Props Digital format storage of all strips Open air setup, great for large groups Works well in almost any size setup space Online digital portfolio of all images Optional package add-ons: Photo strip for each guest in each picture (unlimited) Photo book USB or DVD of all images Full pipe and drape enclosure Flip book option (ANIMATE YOUR GUESTS!)
Premium Dance Floor Lights Full light Show on 10foot trestle. Multiple multi faceted lighting effects to include lasers, strobes and par cans. Completely engage the entire room drawing everyone to the dance floor!
Premium Sound Wedding Reception: Includes 2 additional Speakers & a bass speaker to cover guest lists up to 400 people. Wedding Ceremony: Includes up to 4 additional Speakers to cover up to 300 guests
Uplighting Ambiance Lighting designed to create an ambiance in a room. Includes up to 12 fixtures
Uplighting Elegance Lighting designed to create an aura of elegance in a room. Includes up to 30 fixtures
Wedding Dance Floor Lighting Package The perfect complement to enhance the dancing at your wedding reception. A light show designed for formal events. Illuminating primarily just the dance floor with the latest in led lighting. Up to 4 Multi faceted light fixtures. Good for most dance floors and aids the ambiance of any room
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